Surface Protector Sheet

size - 2x1 meter
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A surface protector sheet for resin art is a durable sheet designed to safeguard underlying surfaces during the resin art creation process. Typically made from materials like silicone or polyethylene, these sheets offer several key features:

  1. Non-Stick Surface: The primary function of the protector sheet is to provide a non-stick surface, preventing resin from adhering to the underlying work area such as tables, countertops, or floors.

  2. Easy Cleanup: After completing the resin art project, any spilled resin or drips can be easily removed from the surface protector sheet. This simplifies cleanup and helps preserve the underlying work surface.

  3. Reusable: High-quality surface protector sheets are often reusable, providing long-term value for artists. They can be cleaned, stored, and used for multiple resin art projects, reducing waste and cost.

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