Soap & Candle Pigment Set

Qty: 10 ml each. Set of 20
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  • Introducing our Soap & Candle Pigment Set - a comprehensive collection of pigments designed to add vibrant and long-lasting color to your soap and candle making projects.
  • This set is perfect for crafters and artisans who want to create stunning and customized soap bars and candles with ease.
  • Our Soap & Candle Pigment Set includes a wide range of colors, from bold and bright hues to soft and pastel tones.
  • Whether you're making soap bars, candles, wax melts, or other bath and body products, these pigments offer excellent color dispersion and easy blending.
  • These pigments are specially formulated for use in soap and candle making, ensuring they are stable and won't fade over time.
  • With a variety of colors at your disposal, you can create intricate designs and beautiful patterns that will impress and delight.
  • Embrace the art of soap and candle crafting with our Soap & Candle Pigment Set, and let your creativity shine with this versatile and essential collection.
  • Unleash the beauty of these pigments and elevate your soap and candle projects to a whole new level of brilliance and artistry.
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