Silicon Mat

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A silicone mat for resin art is a specialized tool designed to facilitate the resin art creation process while providing protection for work surfaces. 

  1. Material: Silicone mats are made from high-quality silicone rubber, known for its flexibility, durability, and non-stick properties. This material ensures that resin and other art materials can be easily peeled off the mat once cured.

  2. Non-Stick Surface: The primary function of a silicone mat is to provide a non-stick surface for resin art projects. This prevents resin from adhering to the underlying work area, such as tables, countertops, or floors, making cleanup easier.

  3. Heat Resistance: Resin art often involves the use of heat guns or torches to remove air bubbles from the resin mixture. Silicone mats are heat resistant, allowing them to withstand the heat without deforming or melting.

  4. Easy Cleanup: After completing the resin art project, any spilled resin or drips can be easily removed from the silicone mat. Due to its non-stick properties, cured resin can be peeled off or wiped away effortlessly, simplifying cleanup.

  5. Reusable: High-quality silicone mats are reusable, providing long-term value for artists. They can be cleaned, stored, and used for multiple resin art projects, reducing waste and cost.

  6. Chemical Resistance: Silicone mats are resistant to a wide range of chemicals, including resin, hardeners, and pigments. This ensures that the mat remains intact and does not degrade over time, even with prolonged exposure to art materials.

  7. Flexibility: Silicone mats are flexible and can be easily rolled or folded for storage when not in use. This makes them convenient to store in tight spaces and ensures they retain their shape and functionality over time.

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