Reflective Mica Powder set of 9 shades

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  • Introducing our Reflective Mica Powder Set - a captivating collection of 9 shades designed to add a brilliant and shimmering effect to your artistic creations.
  • Each mica powder in this set is specially formulated with high-quality reflective pigments, creating a stunning and eye-catching sheen.
  • The Reflective Mica Powder Set includes a range of enchanting shades, from dazzling golds and silvers to sparkling blues and greens.
  • Whether you're working with epoxy resin, soap making, candles, or any other medium, these mica powders offer endless possibilities for creating mesmerizing and captivating designs.
  • Use them on various surfaces, such as paper, ceramics, glass, and more, to achieve a reflective and dynamic effect that catches the light beautifully.
  • The fine and smooth texture of these mica powders ensures easy blending and effortless application, allowing you to create intricate details and textures in your artwork.
  • Embrace the art of reflective effects with our Reflective Mica Powder Set, and let your creativity shine with this versatile and mesmerizing collection.
  • Unleash the beauty of these mica powders and elevate your artwork and crafts with a touch of brilliance and elegance.
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